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A Love Affair With Coffee & The Stickers To Prove It

The world of coffee is overwhelming and amazing at the same time. That said, only in one tiny corner of that world is there a coffee company that loves opossums to the point they put one on the label. 

Yep, that's us! Our opossum love is true and deep. We love them so much we want to ensure you think about those magnificently misunderstood marsupials all day long. If we can find a way for you to see them, you will not be able to help but love them (at least that is our philosophy). 

Obviously there is an opossum pictured on the bag labels. This didn't seem like enough exposure, and you don't really carry your coffee around with you all day. Do you? Don't answer that. 

The solution? Stickers!!! Not just ANY stickers but stickers with the most adorable opossum characters drinking, you guessed it, Trash Cat Coffee!!

Initially we started with Tex, our flannel shirt wearing, cowboy hat tippin stud. He was introduced in the fall for campaign posts but then quickly became our first character sticker. He went out in thank you cards along with our logo sticker for  a little while. 

After a while we introduced more characters for campaign posts and the were just too adorable not to also be on stickers too. But what were we going to do with all these stickers? There was a new character each month! The sticker piles were getting out of control and we needed a plan. 

It isn't cost effective at the moment to sell them online and ship them out. We are in a virtual world so there wasn't a way to hand them out or stores to sell them in either. So the decision was made - put them in the thank you cards too!!!

It was pretty obvious the envelopes could not hold them all so a rotational plan had to be put in place. Each round of writing thank you cards, we will include a sticker. Just like a kid's meal in the drive through, you won't know your "prize" until you get it! *we will be seasonal appropriate though, my OCD would not allow me to mail out a Santa 'Possum at Easter. 

We now have seven characters with two more on the way as of writing this post. Each season and holiday one will be added until we have the full year covered. 

Trying to collect them all makes the purchase of coffee even more fun. The more fun you have, the more you return and the more animals we can help!!

The stickers will act as a reminder of how much you love these critters every time you see your car window, laptop, insulated tumbler - or whatever you stick it on! 

We truly do thank you for supporting our mission to provide assistance to those who support wildlife. Between December and January, we were able to make monetary and in kind donations from rehabber Amazon wish lists. We were also able to donate two exercise wheels from One Fast Cat. None of this is possible without your purchases and common love for wildlife creatures. 

Thank you again and hope you are enjoying our characters!!

Artist: Becky Calderon - Instagram @beckycalderon_art


  • So how do I get a sticker?

  • I am so glad I found a coffee that supports Opossums. It is a great idea , and the coffee is delicious!

    Perri McMenamin

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