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Another trash cat has entered the chat...

Considering they are technically a trash cat, this should not have come as a surprise - yet it did!

A teeny striped skunk was found abandoned in a flower bed. Cold, hungry and scared, she made her way to Petri's Place. 

We set up an enclosure, filled it full of the things she would need and welcomed her with open arms. Now, the little booger never wants to be put down. Literally needs to be IN your arms if her eyes are open. 

Send help. 

Trash Cat Coffee Baby Skunk Agatha


Meet Agatha. 

Three weeks old upon arrival. Eyes closed. Cute as hell. 

Fast forward 2 weeks. Eyes FULLY open. Screaming banshee. Clingy, spoiled and extremely messy. Hates cats, opossums and dogs (great...just great). Cute as hell.

This is going to be fun. 

Oh, that's not all. 

Earlier in the month I got a call from my nearby Joann craft store about an opossum tangled in a sales bin possibly giving birth! 


The finder described how they could see a baby or two hanging out and they looked stuck! Please hurry!

Whew - okay this makes more sense. 

Pouch babies showing their little booties was WAY more understandable than the ability to see tiny jelly beans popping out. 

When there is nice weather the store will put bins outside to entice shoppers into the store. This is where Mama Joann (real creative, I know) decided was a good place to get out of the sun and hunker down.    

The employees were closing up and rolled the bin into the store. When they saw her tail peeking out, panic set in and out the bin went!

Upon investigation the ladies discovered it was just an opossum and when they saw baby feet and tails, they grabbed their phones and pulled up trusty Google for a rescue resource aka me. 

I'm literally only a few minutes from the store and was able to get there before closing.

Mama and six tiny pouch babies were brought to the rehab. 

Trash Cat Coffee Opossum babies nursing

 Although this pic is a few weeks later, you can see how Mama Joann is definitely outnumbered and exhausted. I think she really likes it here. 

Luckily mama was only dehydrated and hungry. No injuries or illness. The babies are able to nurse, grow together and ideally all be released together. 

One baby needs monitoring due to a bent tail. An opossum's tail is incredibly important to it's survival in the wild.

Baby Benton (idk if that's the name, I just made that up) seems to be as active as the others, but time will tell. 

Time and enrichment activities like climbing and foraging things.

Opossums like to collect things for their bed with their tails. The ability to climb and carry will be a great indicator that he can go back to the wild. 

Or a new wild. The shopping center isn't exactly a place to call "home". 

The proceeds from Trash Cat Coffee purchases make all of this possible. Formula, medication, supplements, bedding...all the things. This rehab would not be able to provide for these animals without it. 

I appreciate you. The animals appreciate you. 

Thank you!!

Until next time...

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