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Team Decaf Wins Opossum Bowl 2022!

With his retirement looming, will Team Decaf #51 see victory in the first ever Opossum Bowl? Or will the game be determined by the history between #51 and his nemesis - Baby Ref? 


opossum bowl referee trash cat coffee 

This year for the "big game", we decided (with a nudge from a friend -  Bigfoot Millennials)  to put on the first ever Trash Cat Coffee "Opossum Bowl". 

Two teams of three and a ref with a history of unnecessary cuteness, took the field Sunday, February 13th, 2022. 

Team Decaf battled for the top spot over Whole Bean. It was a nail biter, literally, all the way up to the end. 



The seven babies are all part of the "Miss Poppit" passel. Miss Poppit was a rescue in 2019 and released here at the TCC headquarters. okay, it's my house...but we have land for them. 

In 2020 right before what Texas refers to as Snowmageddon, Miss Poppit showed up with four little babes and joeys in her pouch. 

Low and behold, right before the first real freeze of 2022, who shows up with babies in tow?

Miss Poppit. And not to disappoint, she has a pouch full of teeny tiny joeys again. 

With the cold weather the babies and momma were kept to overwinter. With babies still needing to learn from mom and joeys taking up much needed nutrients, the best decision each year is to keep them safe, fed and warm here as a family. 

With extra "players" in residence, two teams were created. Naturally baby number seven was to take on the role of the referee. 

Within days of deciding to put this event together, tiny jerseys were sewn by the head of our uniform department (my mom). A stadium was erected (the pack-n-play used for rehab) and cheerleader tryouts held. 

Petri Trash Cat Coffee Opossum bowl

Naturally, Petri was chosen as head and only cheerleader. Look at her? How could she not be?

The game was aired on social media via story clips. The idea of going live was quickly squashed as most of the game the players were napping. 

When there was action, it was #51 doing his best to hog the ball and ruff the passers. 

Really he only messed with #62 of team Whole Bean and that was because he smelled like the grapes they were eating. 

trash cat coffee mpv opossum bowl

In the end #51 gave it his all and led his team to victory! 

We appreciate all of the support, new followers and orders during the game. 

The players are growing every day and will be ready for release in our spring time.

Although we will miss them, we look forward to the day they get to go out into the world they were meant to explore. 

Depending on baby season 2023, there may even be a rematch! (with all new players obviously)

Thank you again for supporting our mission to provide assistance to those that support wildlife. 


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