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Trash Cat Coffee wishes you a Happy Holidays!

The holiday season creeps up faster and faster every year. With gift giving and gatherings of friends and family, coffee was a popular gift. This has been really appreciated!!

The weather change (hardly here in South Texas) and all the decorations really got us into the holiday spirit! It inspired a wild ones Christmas picture adventure. 

Although opossums look amazing in little sweaters, its quite difficult to get a Santa hat to say on. Our non-releasable friends Petri, Oliver and Cheese have just wrapped up their holiday photoshoot. I must admit, they are the cutest little 'possums I know. Even if Cheese has only one goal, world domination. 

The goal of Trash Cat Coffee is to be able to earn money through the sales of coffee and merch to be able to help rehabbers and rehab centers with either monetary donations or in kind donations (wish list items or supplies). Although we are just starting out, we have been able to make some animals very happy. This is all thanks to our generous trash cat loving customers. 

Baby season is right around the corner so we are really hoping to grow our affiliate program and really invite more animal lovers to try our coffees. Male opossums are currently in rut and females will be losing babies while on the run as early as late January and into the cold months of February and March. 

Rehabbers and centers will be receiving these tiny nuggets and the round the clock care will begin all over again. Formula, syringes, potty pads, bedding, supplements, medicine, vets....the list goes on and on. So does the expense. It is truly a labor of love. 

We at Trash Cat Coffee want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We could not do any of this without you. 

Thank you

Mr. & Mrs. Claus graphics done by PumpkinSpicePossum on Instagram. 

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  • Very cute. Though, it might be quite helpful to note what percentage of your profits go to rehab, where it’s sent and how and where the beans are roasted, sourced, etc.

    Becky Christensen

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