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We have officially launched!

Well, we did it! We launched Trash Cat Coffee and made it through the first month pretty successfully and can finally see the plan coming together. 

What is the plan, you ask? Simple, find a way to pay for all these cutie pie little (and not so little) animals in rehab!

The rehabilitation of injured, sick or orphaned wildlife is very costly, and self funded. Each time you call a rehabber, they are doing the job purely for the love of the animals. The folks dedicating their lives to this are providing that love, care, supplies, medication and veterinary fees. 

Trash Cat Coffee was started after I personally received my official state permit for rehabilitating native wildlife. Having an understanding of the expenses from the previous year and a half of preparing, I knew there had to be a way to help in a way that was easy, fun and different. 

Coffee is one of the most common consumable products that would reasonably be a project to focus on. Nocturnal animals and mornings?? Definitely coffee. 

trash cat coffee bag

Affiliate programs, "in kind" and monetary donations and fundraising opportunities are the focus for Trash Cat Coffee. If you are a rehabber, rehab center or just a coffee and animal lover, you can assist us with our mission as well as helping your own organization our affiliate options. 

We are only getting started. Follow us on social media and sign up for our mailing list to get updates and invitations for specials. 


Leave a little something out for the trash cats tonight. 


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